The Watch Theorem

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What differs human beings from the animals is that human beings posses the ability to reflect on the things around and to discover new things. The development of the society proves the fact better, for it is this characteristic of human beings that make the society go forward and make continuous progress.

 We are surrounded by the various inventions we created, which actually convey some sort of theorem  which is quite useful and philosophic. Some people will just ignore them, while some other people will take the best advantage of them to better enhance their life, like the businessmen. Smart businessmen will apply these simple but meaningful theorems in their business management and marketing, which really works and of great value.

 You may have encountered such kind of situation in your daily life: if you have only one watch, you will definitely have an idea what the time it is. However, if you are given two watches, then you will be confused which time is the accurate. The theorems lying behind this interesting phenomenon is that two watches will not tell the more accurate time. On the contrary, it will even make the time watcher at a loss to know the exact time.

 The watch theorem actually have great inspiration in the enterprise management and running. The operator of a specific company should have the wisdom on the methods applied to the same employee or department. He is not supposed to use two different methods at the same time to one specific person or organization. He is also not supposed to set two different goals either. It is also unwise to have the specific person or department in the charge of two different commanders. Otherwise, the operator will be certainly thrown into a situation where his company and employees are in a totally chaotic and confused state.

 Another point lying in the watch theorem is that it is better for a person to hold onto one single value. Or else he will find himself in the middle of confusion and, his conductions will lead him to nowhere.   

 The watch theorem not only is practical in the business management, but also valuable in our daily life. To summarize it to a smaller extent, the watch theorem in most cases reflects the various choices we have to make during our life time.

 Looking back to the past days when the productivity is in a relatively low level, people will not have problems picking out the one among a range of alternatives, since the choices available Is really limited. Just like the case in the watch theorem, people are quite confident in the decisions they are making.

 However, with the high development of the technology and science, we are in the center of all these smart machines and rich materials. Everyday we are flooded with all kinds of choices and, sometimes we are at a loss what is the better and which one better satisfy our needs. That is to say, we have more than two watches at hand, which can be both the positive and negative aspect. What's more, it is a fact we cannot change. What we should do is to adapt ourselves to this situation and to make the best use of it.

 For instance, if we want to pick out a celebrity dress for a dinner party, it is certain that we will have a lot of choices. Usually we will ask our friends or family members for advice. It is wise for us to make careful comparison and finally make the decision.

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The Watch Theorem

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This article was published on 2010/11/18
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