Which Watch Is the Most Attractive?

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Do you want to buy a watch? You may find it too difficult to choose one in the automatic watch market. You may face the weight between price and quality, big-name and nameless brands. But which one is the most attractive? I think a good watch should have the following basic characters.

First, the price should be moderate. I take the price as the first considering factor because the price of watch changes in a wide range. The cheapest watch may just cost you several RMB while the expensive one may reach up to million RMB. Obviously, the cheap watch which cost you just several dollars is not good. A good watch must have a proper price for you at first. If a watch is too expensive and you can not afford it, then no matter how good it is, it is not the good one for you.

Second, high quality is the necessary request. Nobody would like to find that his watch refuse to work one day . In order to make sure your choice is right, you can ask others for opinions or get information through internet. In my opinion, big-name brand has better quality than nameless ones. So you'd better choose a big-name one if you can afford it. Besides the brands, the basic parts of the watch are important.

Third, now that we have involved with the quality of the hermes watch, we may discuss what should an attractive watch has. On the one hand, good material should be used in making a watch. Generally speaking, quartz cassette mechanism is much better than others. It has a character of exactly work. On the e other hand, the material used in dial and watchcase directly affect the outlook of the watch.

Fourth, good appearance is necessary . Which kind is beautiful? It all depends on oneself, but everything has a common sense. So a watch that can present you the taste of the majority may be OK.

Fifth, the functions of the watch may be also an important factor. Diversified functions would make it appreciated. These functions often include: clock, alarm clock, calculator, detector, star tracker, clothes and shoes, etc. Maybe not all the functions are suited for you, but there will be one that attracts you.

There are still many other elements for a watch to be attractive. However, no matter what kind of watch it is, it all depends on your preference.

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Which Watch Is the Most Attractive?

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This article was published on 2010/09/27