Who Needs a Good Watch?

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There are many differences of opinion as to who invented the first watch. One says it was a fellow by the name of Ahmed Shakir about 1000 years ago. Another claims it was invented by a Swiss watch maker by the name of Patek Phillippe in the 1800's. Another believes the first watch was invented in 1504 in Nuremburg, Germany by Peter Henlein.

I guess the best question to ask is this - Who invented the first clock? I would assume that's where the idea of the watch was derived, don't you?

In today's society, a watch as an accessory seems to be almost nonexistant to the average consumer.

Have you ever noticed that nowadays when you ask someone for the time, you will usually find them fumbling with their cell phone to tell you what time it is?

Back in my younger days of riding the public transportation system in Atlanta, Ga I had the good fortune of over-hearing an interesting conversation between two gentlemen.

They were talking about watches. The thing that struck me most about the conversation was that one of the gentlemen stated that every man, woman, and child needs to have a watch.

As he elaborated on his reasons for feeling so strongly about the matter, I concluded that he was simply saying that if you don't know what time it is you may get lost in time, and ultimately lose your direction in life.

That conversation has been embedded in my memory for many years, and every time I pass by jewelry or a watch counter, the thought never escapes me.

A good watch or any kind of timepiece is always an excellent accessory to have or purchase if you don't have one.

(1). Not only will a good watch help you keep up with time and your direction in life,

(2). Some of them make great conversation pieces.

(3). They are a lot easier to get to than a cell phone.

(Keep Your Cell Phone, because it is also needed).

(4). A GOOD WATCH, Look's good on you, and will enhance your attire.

(5). Last, but not least, you won't have to bother anyone else about the time.

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Who Needs a Good Watch?

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This article was published on 2010/03/29